Friday, December 3, 2010


Tonight i left the house with one purpose, and that was to gather ingredients for these little cupcake pops by bakerella. (they're basically tiny cakes on a stick)


Cute, right? Well I get my cake mix, my spinkles, eveything I need, but I can't find any candy melts, which are, in my humble opinion, a vital part. So my sister suggests that I just use icing on them, and I have a melt down in the middle of Walmart. These things are so small, it would take a person who at least knows how to ice well, not a sophomore who isn't even taking home-ec!

Now, I could just leave it alone and go on with my life, but did you see that picture? That has got to be the cutest food ever! I have to make some for my niece's 6th birthday party, and I can't find my candy melts. so what do you suppose I do in such a situation? My mom and I are taking on the search for a cooking specialty store nearbye.

Stores dedicated just to baking are hard to come by here in Alabama, believe it or not. What with all the cooking we do, you'd think it would be a pretty popular thing. Not so much.

Just another bump in the road to becoming a professional baker I suppose.

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