Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So, this week is graduation exam week, plus I'm dealing with debate team stuff, my Ag teacher, my grades, and now I'm supposed to do a public speaking contest. in the midst of all that stress, however, I've always had one friend who i could talk to. but right now, he's treating me like crap. I'm getting a new car for my sweet 16, and i say that I'd like to have it before my birthday so i can get to know it (i change my own oil and such), and he calls me ungrateful! if anything, I'm more grateful than others, because i want to do my own upkeep! then he starts complaining about headaches, so i start looking up stuff about them to see if there's anything you can do if pain pills aren't working, and he tells me that I'm crazy and the site is a scam. you know, i really don't think he knows how rude he is. I'm so done with his "I'm right and everyone else is crazy" attitude. aghh!

mmk, so there was my ranting session.. have a nice night, God bless!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Say what u mean...

So, my friend and I have been bff's since kindergarten. That's eleven years, ya'll. So, the "hated question" has come up at least four times a day, every day. "Are you two dating?" Yep. Anyone with a best friend of the opposite gender feels my pain. So, I know what most of you are thinking. Big deal. It's been that many years. Just get over it. Cause let's face it: we've already gotten used to it. However, due to people saying that we should get married one day, it's put us both on edge, and now we're kinda fighting-but not fighting-just not talking. It's like a Cold War. And it sucks. I want my best friend back. It's just that, I've gotten to where I just don't care anymore. He says it doesn't bother him, but I kinda think it does. He kinda got mad at me about it. I think he knows that he can tell me anything, though. So I wish he would. If it really bothers him, I want him to stop acting like it doesn't, and tell me. :(

My cake that I made!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


So, we're still on Christmas break, and my best friend/hubby is in another state. Now I have no one to talk to. :((((((

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Software II

So! Will did indeed come over today and he helped me make an awesome picture! Thank you sooooo much William! You are the best!


So, as my one (1) follower knows, I hate instructions, and refuse to watch tutorials. I usually just mess around with new products until I figure out what I am doing. Here is a big thanks to my good pal Will, who is coming over later to teach me. Your patience will be tested, my friend! So, I feel the need to tell you all (that's right, all one (1) of you) about this software. It's called GIMP. It's a photo-editing software that is totally cool, yet also to confusing for me to figure out. I'm blond; get used to it. Now I will be able to successfully edit all my pics to make myself look better than I actually do. Or, I'll just get Will to do it for me...but he offered, so I don't feel so bad! Anyways, I have about 45 min to an hour to kill before he gets here, so I'm gonna mess around on Facebook, alright? Alright. Bye!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So, i feel obligated to tell all of my zero (0) readers that Christmas is upon us! Now, none of my family believe in Santa, so we open presents on Christmas eve, and use the next day to spend time with all of our extended family. Booyah! Presents a day early! but anyway, Merry Christmas to all zero of you!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Clean House!

It is officially December 4th. Time to get the Christmas decorations up! Today we are cleaning the house. I have to brave the darkest corners of my room today,too. I might even get to see my floor! But the point is to get everything cleaned out so that we can put up ou tree, stockings, garlands and tinsels, etc.