Thursday, December 23, 2010


So, as my one (1) follower knows, I hate instructions, and refuse to watch tutorials. I usually just mess around with new products until I figure out what I am doing. Here is a big thanks to my good pal Will, who is coming over later to teach me. Your patience will be tested, my friend! So, I feel the need to tell you all (that's right, all one (1) of you) about this software. It's called GIMP. It's a photo-editing software that is totally cool, yet also to confusing for me to figure out. I'm blond; get used to it. Now I will be able to successfully edit all my pics to make myself look better than I actually do. Or, I'll just get Will to do it for me...but he offered, so I don't feel so bad! Anyways, I have about 45 min to an hour to kill before he gets here, so I'm gonna mess around on Facebook, alright? Alright. Bye!!

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