Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So, this week is graduation exam week, plus I'm dealing with debate team stuff, my Ag teacher, my grades, and now I'm supposed to do a public speaking contest. in the midst of all that stress, however, I've always had one friend who i could talk to. but right now, he's treating me like crap. I'm getting a new car for my sweet 16, and i say that I'd like to have it before my birthday so i can get to know it (i change my own oil and such), and he calls me ungrateful! if anything, I'm more grateful than others, because i want to do my own upkeep! then he starts complaining about headaches, so i start looking up stuff about them to see if there's anything you can do if pain pills aren't working, and he tells me that I'm crazy and the site is a scam. you know, i really don't think he knows how rude he is. I'm so done with his "I'm right and everyone else is crazy" attitude. aghh!

mmk, so there was my ranting session.. have a nice night, God bless!